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Fence Talks

We've created an advice series where experts from completely different backgrounds solve important issues to help you make yardwork the best work.

two people talking over a fence

Working together with neighbors

A master gardener and an eclectic DIYer build strong ties with their neighbors.


Organizing outdoor storage

An organization expert and several DIYers make the garage functional again.

pink flowers

Identifying and selecting plants

A home improvement pro and an organic gardener solve the great mystery of "what's this?"

dog with tongue out

Fixing pet damage

Renovation pros and a dog celebrity teach the yard to heal.

lawn with weeds

Controlling weeds and pests

An outdoor DIYer and a gardening expert put a stop to nuisances.

erin spain

Resolving neighbor issues

A home DIYer and a therapist take on a problem next door.

Erin Schanen

Saving plants from winter

A home DIYer and a master gardener keep the chill off your plants.

snowy yard with white gate

Building a winter patio

Two design experts warm up outdoor living spaces for winter.