Fence Talks | Fixing pet damage

Fixing pet damage

We treat our pets like people, but they don’t always treat the yard so well. DIYers Scott and Kim Vargo work with Boris The Pibble to repair and prevent pet damage in the yard.

dog with tongue out

You love your dog, but probably not what they do to your lawn. Learn how Yellow Brick Home helped Boris the Pibble tackle pet yard damage.

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Meet our Experts

Scott and Kim Vargo

Scott and Kim Vargo

Scott and Kim are a husband and wife design duo living in Chicago, Illinois, sharing their passion projects of nurturing old homes back to health while sharing inspiration and DIY tips. They're also parents to a baby girl, a rescue pit bull and an adopted elder cat.

Yellow Brick Home
boris the pibble

Boris The Pibble

Boris The Pibble is a 3-year-old rescue pit bull from
St. Louis, Missouri. He loves nothing more than to hang out with his two kitty sisters or play a good game of fetch in his backyard. When he's not playing in his backyard, he can be found at his local dog park, taking hikes or having an occasional swim.

Boris the Pibble