Fence Talks | Identifying and selecting plants

Identifying and selecting plants

It’s a weed, it’s a daylily, no it’s … what is this thing? Home expert Serena Appiah and plant expert Emily Murphy help you identify plants in your yard and select new ones.

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How strong is your plant IQ? Uncover what to plant and where, and whether you should really pull that weed in the yard from plant guru Emily Murphy.

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Meet our Experts

emily murphy

Emily Murphy

Emily is a photographer, cook, garden design coach and consultant, and creator behind Pass the Pistil. The Northern California native and author of Grow What You Love is an organic gardener whose expertise has landed in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens.

Pass the Pistil
serena appiah

Serena Appiah

Serena Appiah is the owner, publisher and carpenter-in-training behind Thrift Diving, a blog and YouTube channel that inspires home enthusiasts to decorate, improve and maintain their home with paint, power tools and thrift stores.

Thrift Diving