Fence Talks | Resolving neighbor issues

Resolving neighbor issues

We don't always get along with the people next door. See how DIYer Erin Spain and therapist Therese Mascardo are resolving issues with neighbors to help you enjoy the yard again.

Neighbor issues are bound to happen, no matter where you live. Learn what advice a therapist lends a veteran DIYer on how to address this topic.

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Meet our Experts

Erin Spain

Erin Spain

Erin Spain is a DIY blogger living in the Atlanta suburbs. Named one of the 30 best DIY design bloggers by Domino magazine, Erin has been featured in Parents magazine, on HouseBeautiful.com, CountryLiving.com and more.

Erin Spain
therese mascardo

Therese Mascardo

Dr. Therese hails from Santa Monica, California, and is a Filipina-American Licensed Clinical Psychologist, self-care and personal development expert, and professional life-enjoyer. Her mission is to inspire people to create more healthy, free and connected lives.

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