Fence Talks | Gardening for winter wellness

Gardening for winter wellness

In the winter months, gardening is just a far-off thought. But this year, gardening DIYer Timisha is working with wellness expert Jason to explore the health benefits of gardening throughout winter to keep you and your garden warmed up.

Cold weather got you feeling down? See how Timisha of Toolbox Divas and wellness expert Jason Phillips of Peace and Prosperity Professional Coaching beat the winter blues by creating a garden for winter wellness.

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Meet our Experts

Tinisha Porcher

Timisha is a DIYer specializing in carpentry, interior design, woodworking and crafting projects. Her goal is to empower others and demystify complicated tasks one DIY project at a time through easy-to-understand videos and photo tutorials.

Toolbox Divas

Jason Phillips

Jason Philips, also known as The Confidence Expert, is a Mental Health Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker from North Carolina dedicated to fostering success for mental health and wellness. He has been featured in WebMD, Forbes, NAMI, FOX, NBC, Cosmopolitan, VoyageATL, and Buzzfeed.

Peace and Prosperity