Fence Talks | Controlling weeds and pests

Controlling weeds and pests

Chipmunks, dandelions, skunks and thistle. See how DIYer Eric Rochow and gardener Erin Schanen are working together to stop pests and weeds from taking over your yard.

lawn with weeds

If pests, insects or weeds are standing between you and your yard, it’s time to learn how to step in and address the issue.

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Meet our Experts

Eric Rochow

Eric Rochow

Eric Rochow is the creator behind GardenFork – a blog, podcast and YouTube channel – which discusses a range of eclectic topics, including DIY projects, cooking, gardening, home improvement, beekeeping and much more.

Erin Schanen

Erin Schanen

With 17 years of gardening experience, Erin Schanen grows a little bit of everything in her southeastern Wisconsin garden. A home gardener and master gardener volunteer, Schanen focuses on education and inspiration for real-life gardeners served up with a dose of humor.

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